Google Deep Dream Code Is More A Nightmare

Redditors have been talking about a gif file that was posted online made using the Deep Dream Code of Google and instead of sending you into a deep sleep with nice dreams it is more than likely going to give you nightmares. Check it out here.

It sort of portrays a man/werewolf like creature and it looks surreal and frightening at the same time. It appears that the creator behind the gif has used layers that add in sloth eyes and fur and rather strangely it seems to put many eyes in there. You can see hands waving around and it takes on the appearance of something that you would expect the painter Van Gogh to offer or something from a Salvador Dali painting.

You definitely don’t want to check out the gif file after a night out on the drink or if you have been toking. The psychedelics will have you wondering just how much you smoked or drank.

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