Google Chrome vs Apple Safari: Who Da Boss?

Long-time fans of Apple will of course swear by Safari but there are some out there who have been open minded enough to give Chrome a try. But which would you choose out of the two web-browsers?

There is the argument that Chrome is the slower out of the two and it can be bloated. However, when you are using a fresh, newly installed version this isn’t the case and it is fast. But it seems that the consensus is that overall Safari is the fast of the two web browsers when running it on OSX.

Another main advantage to sticking with Safari on OSX is that is syncs on all of your iOS devices and it seems to be more efficient all round. Safari has been compared with browsers on iOS, OSX, Windows and Android and it still seems to be one of the fastest out there.

Safari also seems to win in regards to getting better and better with plenty of optimisations specifically for Mac computers. However on the downside Google Maps is very slow and it lags terribly, in comparison to using it on Chrome. Safari also lacks when it comes to flash and Chrome comes out on top for developers.

Safari is the winner for battery life of your computer, along with offering superb performance. It also doesn’t take up the 9GB of RAM that Chrome does. Another consideration is that when using Chrome there does seem to be battery drain.

On the Mac Safari offers the better looking interface, more features and its simple and easy to use, not so for Chrome.

So it seems that overall Safari is very fast for basic web browsing and its runs smooth, if you want to watch flash content it would have to be Chrome.

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