God of War: Nothing Is Wrong

There were a lot of excitement when the developers first announced the new God Of War game. The new trailer gave us a taste of what is to come and we can’t wait to get our hands on the game.

However, ever since the game was announced, everything just went quiet leading some fans to believe that there might be something wrong with the development of the game.

One fan suggested on twitter that all God of War have right now is the deer hunting sequence that we all saw in the trailer. To that, Cory Barlog replied that they have a whole game and that they have just finished the first full play through of the game.

Not only did the developer reassured the fans that there is nothing wrong with the development of God of War. Cory Barlog even tweeted that they have already done most of the shooting for the game although there are still some little things to shoot now. This was tweeted after a fan asked him if they are done with the shooting.

We still do not know when the game will be arriving but what we do know is that the developers do not plan to offer a multiplayer mode on the new God of War game.

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