Get the Benefits of iOS 7.1.1 Without Losing Jailbreak

To some people, hacking is morally dubious whereas others see it as a public service. iOS 7.1.1 put a spanner in the works of the hackers, but the good news is that iPhone users running the jailbroken iOS 7 can get some iOS 7.1.1 features.

Most of the iOS 7.1.1 features are from Cydia. One of these is the new look to the calendar. You can get this new look from

It’s not just about the calendar though, there are loads of other features and apps available:

Speed Intensifier: This makes the animation in iOS 7.1.1 much faster than before. Tweak it for free with the Speed Intensifier.

The Winterboard theme updates all the icons so they look exactly like iOS 7.1.1

The Automatic Flash Indicator makes the iOS 7.1.1 camera icon turn yellow when the flash is about to go off. You can make the same thing happen with the iOS 7 jailbreak.

Disable Parallax means that changing the Parallax’s settings is now possible. With HiddenSettings7, you can do it without iOS 7.1.1

F.lux allows you to tone down the white colour which on iOS 7 can be just a bit to much – especially in the dark. The whites on iOS 7.1.1 are much easier on the eye and you can get the benefits yourself with F.lux.

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