Get Samsung Galaxy S5 Or Await S6 In February?

Earlier this year, Samsung launched the Samsung Galaxy S5. While it might be a great device, S5 is nothing more than a small time upgrade from the old S4. Then again, it might be too late to own the S5 now, since we are already in December. Besides, the S6 will be released very soon from today.

Well, our advice is to stay away from the S5 and start saving up for the S6. The latter is going to be massive as it is said to be built from scratch. In other words, Samsung is going to give the S6 a major rebranding to recover from the dip in profits the company suffered lately.

Leaks have been suggesting the S6 as Samsung’s Project Zero. Obviously, it is going to be a magnitude better than the Samsung Galaxy S5. Some rumours revealed that the device will sport a 5.5” QHD display and will come with a metal body that houses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor with 4GB RAM, 4000mAh battery, 21MP rear camera and a 6MP front shooter.

While it all sounds great and superb, the S6 will surely be an expensive device to own. If there is one thing we can be certain of, it is the fact that the S6 will run on the latest Google Android 5.0 Lollipop OS out of the box.

With arch-rivals, the iPhone 6, taking a big leap with its upgrades, Samsung will surely go all out in turning the Galaxy S6 into a beast. As such, it is best to wait for the S6 and skip the S5.

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