Gamescom 2015: Is Valve’s Half Life 3 Reveal All Set For Public Appearance?

Gamers are waiting patiently, or in the case of some, no so patiently, for news about Half Life 3. Will the game make its way out at Gamescom 2015? This is something that everyone wants to know.

It has been said that Valve are going to be making an appearance at Gamescon 2015, however it is not going to be to show off Half Life 3, it is going to be to reveal Vive.

But if Valve is not going to be appearing at Gamescon 2015 to reveal Half Life 3, when are we going to see the game? It is one of the most anticipated of games and fans who have followed the series cannot wait for its arrival.

Are you desperate to get your hands on Half Life 3?

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