Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6: More Than Meets The Eye

Within hours after Samsung launched the Galaxy S6, many reviewers began comparing the smartphone with the latest Apple iPhone 6. Today, we are not going to compare both devices but instead, just compare the cameras.

In case you are unaware, the Samsung Galaxy S6 features a 16MP rear camera. By numbers, this is about twice better than the 8MP rear camera on the iPhone 6. Well, both cameras are equally powerful and capable of capturing great photos but which is better?

Well, we have to side with Samsung for today but not because of the larger 16MP unit. The rear shooter is able to load up quicker than the iPhone 6. Furthermore, the photos captured offer more clarity and colour.

Of course, this is not to say that the iPhone 6 is bad at taking pictures. For an 8MP rear camera, it is simply amazing how the iPhone 6 is able to rival the Galaxy S6’s 16MP unit. The only downside to the iPhone 6’s camera is that the photos look flushed when taken with flash.

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