Gabe Newell: Half Life 3 Is Coming!

Half Life 3 is one topic that is full of controversy. After being put to ten years of wait for the game, the fans are finally treated to a short reveal by Gabe Newell. The co-founder of Valve and creator of Half Life let out a statement earlier today to address the mystery behind Half Life 3.

While it might not be much, Gabe acknowledged the fact that the Half Life 3 buzz is never going to stop and he acted all surprised about it. Gabe then revealed that Half Life 3 is not in development at the moment, thus, it won’t be released anytime soon. However, Gabe concluded by claiming that Half Life 3 is a possible title for the future.

With that being said, it confirms that Half Life 3 will be produced eventually. Nevertheless, Half Life 3 remains to be a mystery as fans gears up for an added unknown amount of waiting period that is in store for them.


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