Future Jaguar Might Sound Like A BMW M5

It looks like Jaguar Land Rover and BMW might be working on a deal that will lead to future Jaguar models running on BMW engines.

According to Automobile Magazine, BMW and Jaguar Land Rover is working on a new deal so that BMW can supply them with their V8 engines. The V8 engines should be used to power up Jaguar Land Rover’s SVR badge models.

The top of the range V8 engine that we have seen from BMW so far is the 4.4 liter V8 that they are using to power up the BMW M5. That engine delivers about 600hp. However, this will not be the one we will be seeing under the hood of Jaguar Land Rover’s SVR model. It is believed that BMW is working on a new 4.0-liter twin turbo V8 that Jaguar Land Rover will be using to power up their vehicles.

It is believed that Jaguar Land Rover wants to buy their V8 engine so that they can focus on manufacturer their other engine options.

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