Friday The 13th: Playing Alone Is Not For Everybody

Well, we now know that the upcoming Friday The 13th game will be coming with a single player mode but it looks like you will have to fork out a little more if you want to play the game alone.

Gun Media announce that the single player model will be offered for free for those that have contributed to the Kickstarter campaign or have pre-ordered the game. The rest of us will have to pay an extra $40 digital price for the single player model. The $60 physical price will not be affected.

Besides announcing that they will be charging more for the single player mode, Gun Media also announce that their game will be delayed. The original release date was 2016 but now, the game will be pushed back to 2017.

According to Gun Media, the reason why they wanted to delay the game was so that they can work on the single player experience as well as the offline AI bots.

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