Forza Horizon 3 Will Come With Porsches

Since Porsche made a pack with EA, games like Forza Horizon don’t usually come with Porsches but that might change soon as new report suggest that Porsche might be putting an end to the exclusivity deal they have with EA.

What this means is that we might be seeing more Porsche models in some of the racing games this year. Not only are fans hoping that they will get to see them in the upcoming Forza Horizon 3 game but maybe the GT Sport as well although we still have no idea when the game will arrive.

While this might sound bad for EA, we don;t think they would really care. They had the exclusive deal for some time now but we did not see much of Porsche in Need for Speed. There was the Porsche Unleashed but they were nothing more after that.

Can’t wait to see which models will be features in the next racing game soon.

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