Forget Pilots, How About iPads Flying A Plane?

The Apple iPad is undeniably the best tablet in history. No, it does not boasts the best specs like its Android counterparts but it does has an app that takes piloting a plane to a whole new level.

The mobile app called Xavion was launched earlier today on the app store and it allows users to land a real-life light aircraft remotely on the iPad. The developer, Austin Meyer, was excited to announce this technological breakthrough and claims that the app can come in handy when in the worst possible scenario.

The creator announced that users can simply tap on the airplane’s Wi-FI whenever the pilot is missing in action to land the plane remotely. This is certainly useful if the pilot is unable to control the plane any longer.

On the downside of things, Xavion is not something cheap to own. It retails at $199 a year and users must get aviation certification before they can utilize the aforementioned function.

Some might question the legality of the matter but Meyers is one step ahead as he had received approval by FAA. Such a move is only the beginning as Meyers revealed that he looks to push the application-based piloting to new heights in the future to come.

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