Forget Android Silver, New Leak On Nexus 6 Takes Center Stage

If you think that the Nexus program is over, you are wrong. An insider from Google actually spoke with us and confirmed that the Nexus 6 will be making its debut later this year.

In detail, the lad claims that the Google Nexus 6 will have a large display. By large, we believe it to be bigger than the 5” mark. Heck, it could also be the 5.5” QHD screen like those seen on the LG G3.

We did ask the fellow if LG will be at the helm of development and he actually agreed. This is totally contradicting to the recent statements made by LG’s chief, Ken Hong.

Also, the Android Silver program won’t actually be the death of the Nexus program. After all, the Nexus badge is really important to developers as it offers a cost-effective device that creates a benchmark for all the other phone manufacturers to follow.

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