Ford Reveals Its All-New Chevrolet Colorado Killer

The Chevrolet Colorado might have made headlines ever since it got released but soon, it will be rivalled by something even better and it is the Ford Ranger Facelift.

This was confirmed by Ford Asia Pacific, after they launched the teaser video on YouTube to detail out what the Ranger has got to offer. The Facelift made the T6 Ranger has its designs heavily inspired by the Ford Everest.

This can be seen with the triple floating slats on the grille that was once a feature on the previous generation Ford F-150. The upcoming Ford Ranger is also described to be smarter, safer, smoother and stronger than its predecessor.

On the downside of things, Ford has yet to reveal any details on the vehicle. It is also worth noting that the T6 Ranger is not available in North America.

Nevertheless, the teaser video promises something massive to come with the upcoming Ford Ranger. Chevrolet better sell their Colorado quickly or risk sitting in the shadows of the future Ford Ranger.


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