Ford Mustang GT350 Can’t Handle It Rough!

Ford is forced to bring their Ford Mustang GT350 back after they discovered that the Mustangs might have a leaking problem that could lead to a fire. The models that will be affected by the recall will include the 2015 -2017 Shelby GT350 as well as the GT350R Mustang.

A total of 8000units will be recalled. According to the report, the engine oil cooler tube might have been improperly crimped which could cost the hose to separate and leak. The loss of oil could damage the engine and might even lead to a fire.

Ford also issued another recall to recall the Ford Escapes, Mercury Mariners and Super Duty Chassis Cabs after it was reported that the flange on the fuel delivery module might crack which will also lead to leakage.

The models affected are the 2010-2012 Ford Escapes, 2010-2011 Mercury Mariners, as well as the 2017 Super Duty Chassis Cabs that runs on the 3.0 liter flex fuel V6 engine. A total of 400,180 units will be affected by the recall.

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