Ford Mustang Finally Reacts To Camaro V6 1LE

Chevrolet recently showed off their new 1LE pack for the Chevrolet Camaro V6 and at that time, it was clear that Ford did not have anything to match what Chevrolet was offering but that will change soon as Ford introduces their new Performance Pack.

It has been reported that Ford is working on a new Performance Pack 2 which will be offered as an additional option for the V8 Ford Mustang. There are not a whole lot of information about this new pack but it is believed that Ford came out with it after seeing what Camaro had to offer.

The current Performance Pack that Ford is offering comes with 19inch wheels, strut bar, front splitter, brake upgrades and more. While it is nice, it is far from what Chevrolet is offering on their new 1LE package.

Ford is also working on the new 2018 Ford Mustang model which will be coming in with an upgraded exterior design along with a new 10-speed auto transmission.

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