Ford Focus RS500 Chances Slim, Due To Mustang GT Fears

Fans of the Ford Focus RS model where hoping to see a more powerful model added to the lineup but it looks like Ford has decided not to go ahead with their plans just to keep the Mustang happy.

There were talks about Ford looking to build a new RS500 model that will come in to sit above the Ford Focus RS model but Autocar is now reporting that the Ford Focus RS500 might happen because Ford is worried that the powerful model would affect the sales of the Ford Mustang GT model.

The Ford Focus RS500 might still happen because Autocar also added that there is a 30% chance of it happening but don’t get your hopes up just yet. The current Ford Mustang GT is able to deliver about 435hp right now.

Do you think Ford should just ignore the Mustang and go ahead with it or do you think not having the RS500 is the smarter move?

Steven Estevez

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