Ford Focus RS Will Make Sure You Won’t Be Famous For The Wrong Reason

Remember the video on YouTube where a guy tried to drift in his Ford Focus RS and ended up failing miserably. Well, that video went viral as soon as it was release and Ford now wants to make sure that their drivers won’t become famous that way again.

Ford is now offering their Ford Focus RS drivers a free version of their new RS Adrenaline Academy. Like free version will include a one day course. Students will be given a 30-minute classroom lesson before they head to the track to practice. Student will be taught how to drive on all four of the Ford Focus RS models.

Ford might be offering the course for free but owners will still have to pay for the other expenses like lodging as well as transportation. We do not know when the lesson will start but all 2016 and 2017 Ford Focus RS driver will be getting the lesson for free.

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