Ford Focus RS New Features Was An Accident

One of the new features that we will be seeing on the Ford Focus RS is the new Drift Mode. Ford have been talking about the new mode right from the start but it turned out that the Drift Mode was not part of the plan in the beginning.

According to Motoring who did an interview with Tyrone Johnson, the vehicle and engineering manager for Ford, two of his engineer were just having fun with the all-wheel-drive settings. After a few tweaks and changes, they ended up coming out with what Ford is not calling the Drift Mode.

The new Drift Mode presented to Raj Nair, the global technical and development chief for Ford and it took off from there.

Now, the first few things we hear when you mention the new Ford Focus RS is the Drift Mode, a mode that will not be there if the engineers decided not to have some fun at work.

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