Ford F-150 Reminds Silverado Of Its Place In Truck Rivalry

The Ford F-150 became the laughing stock when Ford announced that they were going to it into an aluminum model. GM was the first to make fun of them and their aluminum bed that many deems too soft and weak with an ad that showed the F150 bed getting punctured by a falling toolbox.

However, Ford has been proving to them over and over again that their aluminum Ford F-150 Raptor is tougher that it sounds. The Touch Science video release back in 2014 also proves that the F-150 is still a tough model.

Well, it looks like Ford ended up getting the last laugh. Despite all the talk about its aluminum bed, the Ford F-150 had no problem taking down the Chevrolet Silverado by outselling them by 15k units a month.

GM might want to think twice about making fun of Ford in the future. Check out the Tough Science video below.

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