Ford Explorer Fuming Issue Might Be Real

After receiving more than 150 reports, NTHSA is finally looking into the exhaust fumes claim that the Ford Explorer customers have been complaining about.

According to the reports, the smell of exhaust odor can be detected in the occupant compartment and owners are concern that they might be exposed to carbon monoxide. It seems like the problem is when the vehicle is under heavy throttle situations like climbing a hill or accelerating.

This is not the first time we have heard of this claim, in fact, Ford did issue a technical service two times within the last five years but it looks like the problem was not fixed after all. The 2011 to 2015 Ford Explorer are being investigated right now.

Since this is only an investigation, we will have to wait and see where this lead. No reports of fatality or injury related to the matter have been reported so far.

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