For Honor: Single Player Mode Won’t Be A Filler

More often than not, single player modes are often overshadowed by the multiplayer mode and because of that, the developers would create the single player campaign as just a filler and focus the rest of their effort on the Multiplayer mode. The game will end up being more about the online plays but that is not what Ubisoft has in mind for For Honor.

While the Multiplayer gameplay will still play a huge role in the game, the developers made it clear that the single-player campaign on its own will still be able to deliver a full experience.

He reveals that players will get to experience playing as the Warden, Raider, and Orochi in the full story campaign and that players will be pretty satisfied with only the offline mode if online mode was never really their thing.

That was a nice surprise from Ubisoft. Before this, most people regarded For Honor as an Online game but it looks like it is going to be more than that.


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