Final Fantasy XV Will Join In The Festive Fun

Most of the games have already gotten their holiday upgrade and while Final Fantasy XV might be a little late to the party, the fans are still happy that they will be getting on as well.

Square Enix will release a new Holiday Pack DLC for the game Final Fantasy XV. If you did get yourself the season pass, you will be getting the Holiday Pack DLC which will come with items like Protect Ring, Command Booster, Phantom Booster, Instant Kill Victory Song, Battle Skill Victory Song, Key of Fortune, Stamina Anchor, Carnival Style, Photo Frame as well aa Limited Time Carnival Ticket.

Those without the Season Pass will also be getting a Holiday Pack for free but the free version will only come with a Level Stopper, Annihilation Victory Song, Mog Choco T-Shirt, and the Limited Time Carnival Tickets.

The DLC will be released on the 22nd of December just in time for Christmas.

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