Final Fantasy XV vs Kingdom Hearts 3: Fantasy Tops In Popularity

Square Enix is currently producing two great titles and they are Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3. Even so, fans of the latter have been lashing out at the former as an unnecessary sequel. The fans believe that the Final Fantasy franchise is not as great as before and hope for Square Enix to focus on Kingdom Hearts 3 only.

However, the latest market census shared a different story as it revealed that there are actually more anticipation for Final Fantasy XV than Kingdom Hearts 3. The study was conducted by Japanese local gaming magazine, Famitsu, and it confirmed that there are more gamers looking forward to Final Fantasy XV than Kingdom Hearts 3.

Fans of the Kingdom Hearts franchise should accept this fact with open arms. After all, the development of Final Fantasy XV can only mean well for Kingdom Hearts 3. Since the former will be first to get released, it will allow Square Enix to tackle any issue from the Unreal 4 engine, thus, ensuring that Kingdom Hearts 3 is problem free when launched.

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