Final Fantasy XV: Keep On Dragging

Fans have waited so long for the Final Fantasy XV to arrive and now that the game is here, they don’t want it to end. Ever. Of course, all good things have to come to an end and so matter how long you try to drag out the game, you will eventually have to finish the game but Square Enix has just given their fans another chance to drag out the game a little further with a new update.

The update will be a free update and according to Hajime Tabata, the update will allow the players to play for a longer time.

Many of the upgrades will focus on the 13th Chapter of the game which many fans have been dreading. According to Square Enix, their goal will be to improve the overall gameplay of the chapter as well as enhancing the story experience of the chapter. They are also looking to added a few more playable characters in the future.

We do not know when this update will be arriving but it looks like their fans will be holding on to the game for some time now. Protection Status