Final Fantasy VII Remake: Fans Outcry Not Acknowledge

The fans were not too happy when it was reveal that the Final Fantasy V11 Remake is not going to feature the classic Active Time Battle system. Tetsuya Nomura reveals that they are looking to change the battle system of the game.

Despite their fans begging them not to change the battle system, Nomura confirmed that the ATB system from the original game will be taken out of the game. Instead, fans will be fighting with a new system that is similar to what the Kingdom Hearts franchise or Final Fantasy XV will be offering.

He did say that the reason why he decided to change the system was because the game will have more action but he refuse to go into details adding that he will make it clear the next time he releases any new information about the game.

Fans are still worried that the remake version would stray too far from the original but is that really a bad thing?

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