Fiat 124 Spider Won’t Stop FCA From Dumping Fiat

Fiat is doing all they can to try to keep their brand in FCA but even with what the Fiat 124 Spider has to offer right now, Fiat is still struggling to stay afloat. If this continues, we might see FCA dropped Fiat in the near future.

Fiat actually had some pretty good offering this year. According to the report, the Fiat 500 sales were actually up by 18% last month and they also had a sales gain in October. Not only that but the Fiat 124 Spider was also very well received but even with those two making their mark in the market, it still wasn’t enough to get the overall sales number up for Fiat.

It seems like the Fiat models are not the only one at fault here. There is also the lack of Fiat showrooms in the country with only 200 showrooms in the US compared to the 2000 that Jeep has. Do you think Fiat will be able to turn things around?

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