Fallout 4: What’s For Certain (Update)

There is a great deal of anticipation for Fallout 4, even when Bethesda has not announced anything about the game. Nevertheless, fans have been referring to rumours for information but the problem with that is not everything is fairly accurate.

The biggest confusion is with the game’s release date. For years already, Fallout fans have been duped into believing many false release date. For better certainty on this, fans should avoid learning from the rumours and study Bethesda’s releasing pattern. It has been 5 years since Fallout New Vegas got released and on average, it takes about 6 years for a sequel to get release. As such, Fallout 4 seems likely to arrive this year or the next.

Then there is the mix up with the location where Fallout 4 will take place. Apparently, the likely location is at Boston. This is evident since Bethesda has yet to disagree with the Boston rumours. Other locations like Houston and Toronto have all been rubbished by the game developer.

If fans are to refer to Mad Max, then there is no doubt Fallout 4 will feature vehicles. After all, there have been many complains on how players are unable to run from one point of the map to another quickly. Perhaps, vehicles will be implemented to aid with travelling.

On a final note, there have been strong rumours linking Fallout 4 to feature a multiplayer online mode. Well, this seems likely to happen since other AAA titles like GTA 5 and Dragon Age Inquisition too has picked up the online gaming trend. Nevertheless, the multiplayer online gameplay won’t be forced onto the players but will be a separate mode instead.


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