Fallout 4: What Is Official?

Little has been revealed by Bethesda whenever it comes to Fallout 4 which leaves the fans vulnerable to believing rumours, speculations and hoaxes. If you are a Fallout fan waiting for Fallout 4, then it is important for you to go through this read as we will be separating the facts from fictions.

For starters, nothing has been cemented on the game’s release date. Bethesda has been denying Fallout 4’s release period for years now and there is no way to even predict when it will come. Even the game’s location is a mystery. Bethesda has yet to reveal anything on this but their presence in Massachusetts last year has led many fans to believe that it will take place in Boston.

There are many time where Bethesda was spotted teasing on multiplayer co-op feature coming in their future titles. While it is not a popular idea, there is a high chance that Fallout 4 could be coming with such a feature.

Also, Fallout 4 will see the return of Three Dog. The character was played by Erik Todd Dellums and in the lad’s recent Tweet has confirmed that he is taking the role yet again.

On the downside of things, these are the only official information that has a link with Fallout 4. Clearly, it is a big blur picture at the moment with little to talk on. Let’s just hope Bethesda starts spilling some new information soon as the fans are growing restless by the minute.


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