Fallout 4 vs Elder Scrolls 6: Which Will Release First?

Whenever we speak of Bethesda, two great franchises come to our mind. The first is the Fallout series and the second is the Elder Scrolls series. Both franchises are so great that only few can rival their status as the best RPG series around.

This brings us to the question, which will Bethesda produce first? It has been so long since Fallout 3 got released and the fans are certainly a loud bunch as they demand for the game developer to start working on Fallout 4.

Meanwhile, Elder Scrolls Skyrim is still selling well today even after being released for almost 4 years now. The huge world of Skyrim simply has so much to offer that it attracted a lot of new players to experience the ultimate, medieval and dragon fighting experience. Then again, the Elder Scrolls has quiet a quite fan base and most of them agreed that they expect a new title coming in 2017.

This totally contradicts to what Fallout fans want. The Fallout folks are running low on patience and they are desperate for Bethesda to launch Fallout 4. Even when on gaming forums, there is always that Bethesda sect which never stop begging the game developer to develop Fallout 4.

Despite that fact, it is worth noting that the decision is with Bethesda, not the fans. The expectation is that Bethesda will surely produce Elder Scrolls 6 ahead of Fallout 4. After all, Bethesda has already sold more than 20 million copies of Skyrim and about 5 million copies of Fallout 3. Obviously, the company will want to side with the more profitable franchise.

Then again, even Elder Scrolls fans couldn’t agree more that Fallout 4 deserves to come first. The fans wouldn’t mind if Elder Scrolls comes at a later date since they still have a lot to do in Skyrim. Plus, with the aid of gaming forums and social media, Fallout 4 will surely be getting tons of new players.

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