Fallout 4 vs Elder Scrolls 6: Racing To Make A Debut

There is no denying the fact that both Fallout and Elder Scrolls are two of the biggest franchises under Bethesda and they are also regarded as among the best gaming series in the industry. Even so, fans can’t wait to see a sequel coming to both series.

In detail, Fallout fans have been waiting 6 years for Fallout 4, which is longer than Elder Scrolls fans waiting for a sixth sequel. Now the bigger question today is which will get produced first?

This might sound harsh but it seems that Elder Scrolls 6 is better positioned for a release than Fallout 4. The reason for this is simply business. Looking back at Skyrim, the game managed to sell over 20 million copies worldwide. Fallout 3 only managed 5 million copies. With Bethesda being a major corporate player, the incentives to producing Elder Scrolls 6 can’t be delayed or avoided.

Then again, even Elder Scrolls 6 fans won’t be pleased if that is to happen. Many agreed that Fallout 4 deserves a release more than Elder Scrolls 6. The fans wouldn’t mind waiting a little bit longer for the medieval RPG title since Skyrim still has a lot to offer. Also, the fans are looking forward for the game to arrive in 2017 at least.

However, the final call is still with Bethesda and they get to decide on which game gets created. Will the game developer tap on profits or will they submit to the fan’s wishes?

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