Fallout 4: Steampunk Design To Add More Realism?

If fans of the Fallout franchise are to follow the latest rumour surrounding Fallout 4, they will learn that the highly anticipated sequel is going to come out with many new weapons to offer as well as some improvements to weapon mechanism.

In detail, Bethesda is going to make weapons more interactive in Fallout 4 by allowing players to utilize the surround materials which will add more damage. For example, players can utilize the toxic in the wasteland to their bow and arrows.

Furthermore, the new set of weapons is going to look more realistic than ever. While players are still stuck with bow and arrows, the range weapon will be designed with a modern touch and the materials will be made of bronze.

Of course, the above are merely based on rumours so they should be taken with a grain of salt. More on this will be confirmed if Fallout 4 is to get announced at E3 this year.


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