Fallout 4: Online Mode Reason For Delay

Many gamers, particularly Fallout fans, are wondering on what is taking Bethesda so long to produce Fallout 4. The latest set of rumours is suggesting that it is due to the development of Fallout Online. Well the rumours are half right on this one.

To be more precise, Fallout 4 is indeed in creation but the delay is due to the development of a separate multiplayer online game mode. Such a feature is a growing trend in the gaming industry and Bethesda is picking it up for Fallout 4.

The online multiplayer mode will be exhibited like how it is on Rockstar’s GTA 5 and Bioware’s Dragon Age Inquisition. Both AAA titles came out with a multiplayer online mode and soon, Fallout 4 will look to offer something similar.

The addition of multiplayer online mode will not be hated by the fans since it doesn’t force them into sharing the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout with other gamers. In fact, players will get to indulge on both the single player mode and multiplayer mode.

With that being said, it certainly explains why Fallout 4 requires a lot of time to develop. On another note, Bethesda don’t actually practice pre-announcing games should be prepared for Fallout 4’s arrival at all times.