Fallout 4 Online: A Legitimate Reason For Long Delay

There is simply no way to explain why Bethesda is taking so long to produce Fallout 4. The game developer has already made it clear that they bought over the highly popular Fallout franchise not to produce a single title but instead, a series. However, there is still no word on Fallout 4 even after going through 6 years of wait.

Now, there is actually a reason behind this madness. While it is not revealed by Bethesda, industry insiders, together with the many speculations, revealed that Bethesda is actually developing an online multiplayer mode for Fallout 4.

This is evident if fans are to look at Bethesda other AAA series Elder Scrolls. After launching Skyrim, Bethesda developed Elder Scrolls Online for those that wish to enjoy the game with their friends from all over the world. With Elder Scrolls and Fallout both sharing many similarities, gamers can look forward to seeing Fallout Online being developed as well.

Then again, seeing Fallout Online being launched as a standalone title seems unlikely. Yes, MMO is a growing trend in the gaming trade but to do away with the traditional single player mode is a mistake.

Perhaps, Bethesda could be making a multiplayer game mode, which can be accessed in a single title called Fallout 4. Fallout fans can think of it like GTA 5 which comes with GTA Online on a separate game mode. As a matter of fact, Fallout fans can also refer to Dragon Age Inquisition which offers something similar.

While no official word has been mentioned on Fallout 4, the chances for the game to feature a multiplayer online mode seem highly likely. As a matter of fact, it can also be the leading cause for Fallout 4 to get delayed for so long.