Fallout 4 Not Coming, Series To Be Reitred For Good Once & For All?

For years now, Fallout fans have never stopped buzzing on Fallout 4 and how they can’t wait to play the game. However, it seems that there is a chance for Fallout 4 to get cancelled after word broke out that Bethesda sees it as a failure.

In detail, the rumours reveal that Bethesda badly wanted to turn the Fallout franchise into an MMORPG title. However, they faced some legal restriction imposed by the original Fallout creator, Interplay Entertainment.

With Bethesda being unable to do as they please with Fallout 4, there are talks on the game developer dropping the franchise entirely. After all, it has been 6-years since the last Fallout game got released and the lengthy delay is frustrating Bethesda too.

Furthermore, rumours are indicating that there are too many internal conflicts within the company, whenever it comes to Fallout 4. If the game developer is to listen to the fans, a vast majority wouldn’t want an MMORPG Fallout.

All that is left is for Bethesda to decide on whether they wish to bag the big fortunes by turning Fallout 4 into an MMORPG, give the fans what they want or drop the sequel entirely.


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