Fallout 4 Not Coming As Bethesda Lays Frustrated Over MMORPG Plans

Fallout is one of the biggest gaming franchises around and fans can’t wait for Bethesda to start developing on Fallout 4. Despite so much anticipation for the game, new rumours have been suggesting that Bethesda has given up on Fallout 4.

This is due to the game developer’s failure in attempting to turn the Fallout series into an MMORPG title. Their last attempt happened earlier this year but was disrupted by Fallout’s original founder, Interplay Entertainment.

The rumours then said that Bethesda is very frustrated since they can’t do as they please with the Fallout franchise. This is despite of the fact that the game developer has fully bought over the gaming series.

If the rumours are right, then Fallout 4 is now a cancelled project. Of course, there is no confirmation on the matter so it is best for fans to take this with a pinch of salt.

However, some fans responded to the rumour by saying that they will prefer for Fallout 4 to get cancelled rather than seeing it turning into an MMORPG title. This is something fans wouldn’t like to see happening with Fallout 4.


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