Fallout 4: No E3 Announcement Happening?

Bethesda has been very secretive when it comes to Fallout 4 but the signs are suggesting that the game is going to get announced at E3 this year. However, that is unlikely to happen if the latest rumours surrounding Fallout 4 is to be believed.

The word is that Fallout 4 has been cancelled from production and this is caused by a dispute between Bethesda and the series original creator, Interplay Entertainment. It is said that Bethesda has been attempting to turn Fallout 4 into an MMORPG but was stopped by Interplay.

Bethesda is very frustrated by this since they can’t do as they please with a series that they have fully purchased. The frustrated Bethesda then decided to cease Fallout 4’s production and focus elsewhere.

Of course, rumours are still rumours and they are best taken with a grain of salt. There is a huge profit prospect with Fallout 4 and we don’t believe Bethesda is going to pass the money making opportunity that easily.


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