Fallout 4: Let’s Try To Avoid D1 Update

If there is one thing bad about digital gaming, it is the growing abuse on updates. With new gaming consoles being able to connect to the internet, many game developers have been caught in complacency when the launches a title that is full of bugs.

Well, gamers don’t have to worry one bit as the game developer can simply take their time and roll out an update to fix it. This is the trend in the gaming industry at the moment and it is simply ugly.

Some veteran gamers pointed out that such cases were not around in the days where games are on cartridges. If it were to happen back then, the game developer will surely face the noose developed by the gaming community.

With that being said, some Fallout fans are calling for order in anticipating Fallout 4. This is because, rushing the development of the game will only lead up to a problematic release that requires multiple updates to fix.

Perhaps, Fallout fans should cut Bethesda some slack and hope for the best in Fallout 4. If the game still requires updating, then fans have every right to raise their pitchforks and march towards Bethesda’s HQ. It is time for gamers to unite and end this updating abuse once and for all.