Fallout 4: Keeping Our Hopes On The Low

Bethesda has yet to make any official announcement on the highly anticipated title, Fallout 4. Even so, Fallout 4’s release is inevitable and fans, including us, believe that it won’t be long until Bethesda starts spilling the beans on the game.

Despite the heavy anticipation and excitement for Fallout 4, it is unfortunate that we are not expecting much for the game. This is because of Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas. The former came out with a totally exciting plot and the latter simply made it better.

With both Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas being so good, we can’t see any way for Bethesda to better them with Fallout 4.

This is evident after we studied Elder Scrolls’ pattern of excitement. It was super fun back in Elder Scrolls Oblivion but when it comes to Skyrim, things were decent at best.

If the pattern is to follow, then Fallout 4 won’t be anywhere near as great as its predecessors but it will still be a decent game nonetheless. As such, we can’t wait to play Fallout 4 but at the same time, we are not expecting much from it.