Fallout 4: If You Want Pretty, Look Elsewhere

Are you expecting Fallout 4 to be a great looking pretty game? While people have been pleased with the crisp visuals of Fallout 4 this hasn’t stopped some people from having a go at the finer details of the game.

However it seems that Fallout 4 isn’t about being pretty at all according to Bethesda. They said that they do push the game visually as much as possible, however they don’t go all out to ensure that their games are the best looking ones. Pete Hines talked about Skyrim as an example and said that it wasn’t the most stunning of RPG games. The goal of the game was to have a massive interactive world, where you could talk to people along with being able to choose your own pathway.

Hines said that if you are going to compare a game such as Fallout 4 to other games then the other games need to do all the same things that Fallout 4 does. So it is looking as though Bethesda makes games that have a focus on being interactive and have good visuals but not games that are just pretty.


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