Fallout 4: How Low Can Bethesda Go?

There was a lot of anticipation for this year’s VGX event that happened last week by Fallout fans as they hoped for Bethesda to break the ice on Fallout 4. However, like most other gaming event before this, Bethesda failed to announce anything on the game.

The fans are clearly gutted by this and are frustrated with Bethesda. Many Fallout enthusiasts simply wondered if Bethesda’s presence at VGX was merely to troll the Fallout fans.

Apparently, the answer is no. The game developer’s VP, Pete Hines, released a statement yesterday explaining that the company never had the intentions to announce Fallout 4 at this year’s VGX. Instead, they were there to lend some support for MachineGames. The latter is the producer for Wolfenstein: The New Order and it was nominated on two separate categories.

While things may look gloomy for the Fallout community, the only hope for them is with the fact that Bethesda didn’t deny trademarking Fallout 4 last year, thus confirming that the game’s debut is inevitable. The only question remain unanswered is the period when Fallout gets released.


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