Fallout 4 Graphics Won’t Be Life Like

Fallout fans that are anticipating Fallout 4 shouldn’t get their hopes and expectations high for the game. While there may be no doubt that Fallout 4 will be the first title in the franchise to make its debut on the Xbox One and PS4, the game won’t be coming with spectacular graphics.

This is evident if fans are to look at Fallout 3. Apparently, the old title runs on the same game engine that was used by Elder Scrolls Oblivion. If Bethesda is going to apply the same methods on Fallout 4, then the game will definitely be utilizing Elder Scrolls Skyrim’s game engine.

This also seems likely to happen. After all, the advantage is with Bethesda. If the game developer is to produce a new game engine, it will require many more yours for development, thus, delaying Fallout 4’s release further. Such a happening will also delay Bethesda’s profits which the game developer would want to avoid.

On the other hand, releasing Fallout 4 with Skyrim’s game engine will make the title compatible with older generation console, thus, enabling Bethesda to reach out for many more gamers. Such a scenario will mean more profits for the game developer.

With that being said, fans should keep their expectations low for Fallout 4. With Skyrim’s core mechanism powering the game, it won’t look that spectacular when played on the Xbox One and PS4.


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