Fallout 4 Graphics Will Be Average, Not Extraordinary

Fallout 4’s status might be unknown to the masses but if Bethesda is to launch the game, it will be the first from the highly anticipated franchise to debut on the next-gen gaming systems like the Xbox One and PS4.

Despite that fact, fans should keep their expectations low as there is a big chance that Fallout 4 won’t be graphically amazing. This seems likely if fans are to refer to Fallout 3’s technicalities.

Back then, the game was built with the same game engine that was used by Elder Scrolls Oblivion. However, Bethesda tweaked it to optimize its performance just for Fallout 3. If there is a pattern to follow, Fallout 4 will be built on Elder Scrolls Skyrim game engine.

This is certainly bad news for the fans in the sense that the game engine won’t be making full use of the next-gen gaming capabilities. The good news is only with Bethesda as the old game engine will allow Fallout 4 to be played on the Xbox 360 and PS3 as well. In other words, the game developer will get to bag more profits out of the title.

Some might suggest that Bethesda will be working on a brand new game engine for Fallout 4. While it may sound like a possibility, the development of a new system will take years to complete, thus delaying Fallout 4’s release. Obviously, this is something both the fans and Bethesda wish to avoid.


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