Fallout 4 Gameplay Details Leaked (Spoiler Alert)

Fallout 4 has not officially released yet, but the gameplay details have already leaked online. Mind you, what you are about to read might be the spoilers, so read it at your own risk!

The leak started with a few of screenshots from a private Spanish forum. Most of the images have been showcased before, in Fallout 4’s official marketing, until neoGAF users started leaking better images of the game.

From the pictures, the Fallout 4 vault comes with rusty pipes and everything, and the game’s environment looks a bit rough, with clear blue sky. At night, the HUD points out the type of locations in front of the gamers via small icons on the middle of the screen.

Also, the leak showed that gamers can also play as a lady, instead of the normal male character. These are just some of the spoilers, and we’ll let you know by yourself when the Fallout 4 is released.


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