Fallout 4 For Xbox One & PS4: Lackluster Graphics Expected

Even though Bethesda is secretive whenever it comes to Fallout 4, there is no doubt that the highly anticipated sequel will be making its debut on both the Xbox One and the PS4. However, it is a mistake to think that Fallout 4 is to feature high-end graphics when released.

Looking back at Fallout 3, the title was running on an older game engine that was ported over from Bethesda’s other title, Elder Scrolls Oblivion. While the game developer might have tweaked the game engine to optimize it for Fallout 3, the game s still lacking with its technicalities.

If the trend is to follow, then Fallout 4 will surely be equipped with the game engine from Elder Scrolls Skyrim. There isn’t anything bad about this but if Fallout 4 is to run on the latest gaming machines, it will surely show signs of cracks with the game’s graphics.

Of course, there are suggestions on Bethesda to produce a new game engine for Fallout 4 but this seems unlikely. After all, creating a new game engine requires years of development and lots of funding. If Bethesda is just to use Skyrim’s game engine, they can launch Fallout 4 across every platform with ease while also avoiding any delays in bagging the profits.

With that being said, it seems more likely for Fallout 4 to come with below-par graphics when released. Then again, this is merely our opinion on the matter and it should be taken with a pinch of salt.