Fallout 4 For Xbox One & PS4 Graphically Inferior

Fallout 4’s status might still be a secret for Bethesda to hold on to but fans believe that its arrival is unavoidable. The highly anticipated sequel will be the first from the successful franchise to debut on the Xbox One and PS4 when it gets released.

Then again, fans shouldn’t carry high expectations on Fallout 4’s graphics, even though that it is going to be played on next generation gaming machines. After learning on how Bethesda worked on Fallout 3, there is a big chance for Fallout 4 to come with below-par technicalities.

To be more specific, Fallout 3 was running on the same game engine that was used by Bethesda’s other title, Elder Scrolls Oblivion. The game developer tweaked the engine to improve its performance for Fallout 3.

If Bethesda is to replicate the same methods with Fallout 4, then fans will see a game that runs on an outdated engine that was used on Elder Scrolls Skyrim. When this happens, Fallout 4 won’t be able to make full use of the next-gen gaming performance, thus, remaining lacklustre in technical terms.

On the other hand, things can go well for only Bethesda if Fallout 4 gets released soon. Together with the old game engine, the tile can be compatible across all platforms thus ensuring better sales record for Bethesda.

Of course, there is no concrete information on Fallout 4 yet so it is best to take this with a pinch of salt. For those that are suggesting Bethesda to create a new game engine for Fallout 4, you might want to rethink as doing so will require years to complete.


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