Fallout 4 For Xbox One & PS4 : Bad Graphics Awaits

It has been 5 years since the last Fallout game got released and fans can’t wait to see the next sequel, Fallout 4. Unfortunately, nobody has got a clue on when Fallout 4 will debut. For all we know, the game will surely make its debut on both the Xbox One and PS4.

Even so, it is wrong to expect Fallout 4 to feature the best technicalities optimized for the latest gaming hardwares. This is evident if fans are to look at the history of Fallout and Bethesda.

Back in Fallout 3, the game was built on a game engine that was used on Bethesda’s other title, Elder Scrolls Oblivion. If the pattern is to continue, then Fallout 4 will be running on a game engine that was used by Elder Scrolls Skyrim.

This seems likely to happen and it will cause Fallout 4 to appear with below par graphics. As much as Bethesda is able to tweak the game engine to cater the Xbox One and PS4, the technicalities still belongs to the older gen console.

The chances for Bethesda to launch Fallout 4 with a new game engine are slim. After all, this require a lot of investment and time to produce when on the other hand, Bethesda can save so much money by utilizing older gen game engines.


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