Fallout 4 Fall 2016 Release Date: How Solid Is This Intel?

Bethesda might have yet to announce anything official on Fallout 4 but that it does not mean that the highly anticipated title won’t be coming for a release anytime soon. As a matter of fact, fans agree that Fallout 4 will be debuting any time before winter 2016.

To prove this point, fans have referred to Fallout’s release pattern. It has been about 6 years since Fallout 3 gets released and it is about time Bethesda starts working on Fallout 4. The mega gaming franchise clearly needs an update to remain fresh in the industry.

Besides, Bethesda has already confirmed that they bought the Fallout series to not launch just one title. Fallout has proved itself to be a profitable franchise and it Bethesda can earn a lot of green bags with Fallout 4. There is no possible way to see the game developer not wanting to produce Fallout 4.

Then there is the next-gen gaming factor. Both the Xbox One and PS4 were released late last year and it started a new era in gaming. With major AAA franchise all pushing for a sequel to be brought on the next-gen consoles, Bethesda will surely do the same with Fallout 4.

The issue here is that Bethesda hates pre-announcing games prior to its release. It is a respectable policy but the flaws to it are that fans get left in the dark. Judging from the rumours and leaks however, it seems that Fallout 4 is might just be available in 2016.

Possibly, the game will get its teaser trailer revealed next year before getting release in the year after. This looks likely to happen. After all, a total of 8 years to get to Fallout 4 from Fallout 3 seems suffice.


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