Fallout 4 Expelled From Production!

There is a rumour doing the rounds suggesting that Fallout 4 won’t be produced at all. The highly anticipated sequel is something that the fans have looked forward to and the sound of it getting cancelled is certainly not welcoming.

In details, rumours claim that Bethesda has decided to cancel the franchise once and for all after being unable to turn Fallout 4 into an MMORPG. The game developer is said to be really frustrated since it couldn’t create Fallout 4 as and how they please. This seems to be the case even if Bethesda has bought over the franchise.

Things get more interesting when rumours started sharing that it is Interplay Entertainment that is restricting Bethesda. Unless you’ve heard, Interplay is the original creator of Fallout.

Of course, the above are still based on rumours and it is best taken with a pinch of salt. We personally feel that it is unlikely for Bethesda to cancel Fallout 4. After all, the Fallout franchise is one of the most profitable in the world and failing to launch Fallout 4 will be a daunting mistake.


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