Fallout 4 DLC Inspired By New Vegas Mod?

Bethesda released a new DLC for the game Fallout 4 a few months ago called Far Harbor and now, one modder is saying that the DLC might have been inspired by his Fallout: New Vegas Mod called Autumn Leaves.

The modder pointed out that the DLC and his mod started out the same way which is a discussion through an intercom before entering a vault. Since Vault is pretty common in the game, it could just be a coincidence.

However, the modder added that the map after the vault also looks very similar to what he had created. The quest also seems to match as both the mod and the DLC requires the player investigate a murder.

Bethesda has since stepped out to say to the DLC was not inspired by a Mod and that they would not disrespect their modder by stealing from them. You can check out the post from the modder here where he list out the similarities between his mod and the DLC and decide for yourself.

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